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(N-Salicylidene-L-glutamato)copper(II) Complexes Containing Imidazole and Pyridine Derivatives

A. Kohútová, A. Valent, E. Mišíková, and D. Mlynarčík

Department of Chemical Theory of Drugs, Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, SK-832 32 Bratislava


Abstract: Synthesis, properties, and antimicrobial activity of copper(II) complexes of the composition Cu(sal-L-glu)X, where (sal-L-glu)2- represents Schiff base derived from salicylaldehyde and L-glutamic acid and X = 1-methylimidazole, 2-methylimidazole, 4-methylimidazole, 2-ethylimidazole, 2-methylpyridine, 3-methylpyridine, and 4-methylpyridine, are reported. On the basis of infrared and electronic spectral data the stereochemical arrangement of individual components is discussed. The complexes prepared are supposed to adopt square pyramidal geometry, the basal plane sites are occupied by the donor atoms of tridentate Schiff base and by N-donor atom of the corresponding N-molecular ligand. The apical position is occupied by carboxylic oxygen of adjacent complex unit. The complexes studied exhibit significant activity against bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and are considered as potential SOD mimetics.

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Chemical Papers 54 (2) 87–90 (2000)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

43rd International Conference of SSCHE
XXIst Slovak - Czech Spectroscopic Conference
8th year of the Central European Conference Chemistry towards Biology
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